Greenovative Technologies®

Harnessing the Power of Naturefor septic system and grease trap maintenance

Greenovative Technologies® offers the septic and food-service industries two revolutionary organic products that have proven to enhance biological efficiency – EcoHancer for septic system maintenance and Total System Solution® for grease trap treatment. As tougher regulations are put in place and sophisticated monitoring methods are used, these organic formulas provide industry professionals and homeowners alternatives to traditional maintenance methods that have proven to be costly and fall short of meeting their needs.

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EcoHancer TSS
Enhancing Septic System Performance and Rejuvenating Drain Fields Reducing FOG & Toxic Odor
in Grease Traps
Cost-effective and easy to use, EcoHancer® is proven to enhance both residential and commercial
septic systems.
Total System Solution® is great for all food-service operations such as Convenience Stores, Restaurants, Long Term Care and Senior Living Facilities, Entertainment Venues and many more.